dr Tatiana Szczygłowska

dr Tatiana Szczygłowska

email: tszczyglowska@ath.bielsko.pl

Zainteresowania  badawcze

– analiza dyskursu

– analiza gatunkowa

– językoznawstwo korpusowe

– translatoryka


Wybrane publikacje:

  • Szczygłowska, T. (2013), Exploring the phraseological enviroenments of BIAS in research articles: Implications for ELF users, w: I. Headlandová Kalischová, M. Němec (red.), English as the Lingua Franca of the Modern World: New Challenges for Academia. Brno: Masaryk University, 101-118.
  • Szczygłowska, T. (2013), Various shades of blue(s). A study of the meaning potential of the colour term ‘blue’ in the British press. Linguistica Silesiana 34: 297-318.
  • Szczygłowska, T. (2014), Selected body part terms as a means for conveying abstract concepts in The Economist: The case of head, eye, mouth and nose, w: Kraska-Szlenk, M. Brenzinger (red.), The body in language: Comparative Studies of Linguistic Embodiment. Leiden – Boston: Brill, 335-356
  • Szczygłowska, T. (2014), Shortened forms in medical translation. A comparative analysis of the case report section of a Polish/English journal for vascular specialists. Linguistica Silesiana 35: 253-279.